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H.265 and H.265+ support with mpegTS

Dec 16, 2021
Pankaj wrote
1. please add H.265 with MPEGTS recording in video capture. right now only H.264 is working
2. please enhance support for Onvif also, datetime get/update, other information of onvif get/update like Network Info, user info, user details etc you can see OnvifDeviceManager for reference.
3. Please work on resources, right now its taking high resources for recording and live view. there are so many established software for video management are there who takes very less resources with good performance. i think this will value add to your SDK.
4. which type of works you can do with paid task in this SDK? if we want any custom work like analytic of something like vehicles, object detect and count etc.

5 Answers
Dec 16, 2021
Roman Miniailov agent wrote
1. That's a problem with the RTSP Low Latency engine, working on it.
2. Good idea.
3. Try to use DirectCapture MP4 output to prevent re-encoding or use output with GPU encoding to save CPU time.
4. We accept custom tasks. We can discuss CV-related tasks too.
Dec 17, 2021
Pankaj wrote
1. how much time it will take to resolve RTSP Low latency engine for H265
2. when you are planning for this onvif.
3. our main motive will not solve by mp4, like we need .ts output file of recording. how we can minimize or you can do any custom work to minimize this resource with this mpegts engine.
4. how many Cv work you have done already. so that i can know which is available already paid.
Dec 23, 2021
Roman Miniailov agent wrote
1, 2. We're working on it. Should be available in 2 workweeks.
3. DirectCapture formats that capture video without reencoding can decrease CPU usage (near 0-3% CPU will be required, it's a simple copy and remux operation). Or, you can use reencoding with GPU video encoders instead of CPU usage.
4. Our SDK contains some basic features like facial recognition and pedestrian/car counting.
Jun 01, 2022
Theo wrote
Some news about h.265/+ support for Media Player?
Jun 13, 2022
Roman Miniailov agent wrote