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Aug 24, 2015
Archive Agent wrote

I have problems to run Separate Capture (already sent emails to support but no answer yet). There is not created any output file on different testing systems (Win 8 64bit, Win 7 32bit). Log files and OnError() do not show any hints regarding errors. I use:

- Video_Renderer = VMR9
- Output_Format = AVI
- Video_Codec = VisioForge WebM VP8 Encoder Filter
- Mode = VideoPreview
- SeparateCapture_Enabled = true
- SeparateCapture_Mode = Normal
- SeparateCapture_AutostartCapture = false

Enabled Effect: FlipRight. Btw, VideoCapture mode works instead.
SeparateCapture_Start(filename) returns false.

I kindly ask for some advise about probably some prerequisites/settings required to get a capture output file.

Thank you

Andreas Gall on July 23, 2015 17:50
1 Answer
Aug 28, 2015
Roman Miniailov agent wrote

Use WebM output. VP8 can't be used for AVI output normally.