.Net - Deployment

To use SDK on PC without SDK installed you must deploy SDK components. For AnyCPU app you should deploy both, x86 and x64 redists.

Automatic (silent) installers

  • Base package (always required) - x86 or x64
  • Install .Net assemblies to GAC or use in local folder 
  • VLC source package (for files / network source) - x86 or x64
  • LAV filters - x86 or x64

Manual installation

  1. Install VC++ 2010 SP1 redist x86 x64
  2. Copy MFP DLL's from Redist\Filters to application folder
  3. Copy .Net assemblies to right place or install to GAC
  4. Copy and COM-register (using regsvr32.exe or any other way) SDK DirectShow filters. Most of filters also have x64 version.
  5. Copy VisioForge_VideoFingerprinting.dll / VisioForge_VideoFingerprinting_x64.dll to application folder

Basic features: 

  • VisioForge_RGB2YUV.ax
  • VisioForge_YUV2RGB.ax
  • VisioForge_Video_Resize.ax
  • VisioForge_Video_Effects_Pro.ax
  • VisioForge_MP3_Splitter.ax
  • VisioForge_H264_Decoder.ax
VLC source:
  • VisioForge_VLC_Source.ax
  • Copy all files from Redist\VLC folder, COM-register (using regsvr32.exe or any other way) .ax file, add environment variable VLC_PLUGIN_PATH, specify value as VLC\plugins folder

FFMPEG source: 

  • Copy all files from Redist\FFMPEG folder, add this folder to Windows system PATH variable.
  • VisioForge_FFMPEG_Source.ax
WebM decoding:
  • VisioForge_WebM_Ogg_Source.ax
  • VisioForge_WebM_Source.ax
  • VisioForge_WebM_Split.ax
  • VisioForge_WebM_Vorbis_Decoder.ax
  • VisioForge_WebM_VP8_Decoder.ax
  • VisioForge_WebM_VP9_Decoder.ax

RTSP / RTMP / HTTP source:

  • VisioForge_RTSP_Source.ax
  • VisioForge_RTSP_Source_Live555.ax
  • VisioForge_IP_HTTP_Source.ax
  • FFMPEG, VLC or LAV filters

FLAC source:

  • VisioForge_Xiph_FLAC_Source.ax

Ogg Vorbis source:

  • VisioForge_Xiph_Ogg_Demux2.ax
  • VisioForge_Xiph_Vorbis_Decoder.ax

Direct2D video renderer:

  • VisioForge_D2D_Video_Renderer.ax

Video encryption:

  • VisioForge_Decryptor_Audio.ax
  • VisioForge_Decryptor_Video.ax

LAV source:

  • Copy all files from Redist\LAV\x86(x64), register all .ax files