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Unable to deploy exe to 32-bit windows 7 client
I have developed a sample program with Any CPU using the Video Capture .Net SDK. The programe can run normally in development envinment. I have follow the instruction of https://www.visioforge.com/v...
Dec 23 (25 days ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Unable to load DLL VisioForge_MFD.dll
Hello, I am trying to implement exactly on this page https://www.visioforge.com/vcsdknet-capture-text-overlay , but i failed. I removed v11.3.2 and load v11.1.40 on video, restart visual studio, res...
Dec 03 (46 days ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Video Capture SDK .NET - What does "Unable to run filter graph 80004005" mean?
Hello, I'm attempting to try out the Video Capture SDK .NET and I'm having some trouble. I've followed the guide at https://www.visioforge.com/vcsdknet-screen-capture-mp4 However when attempting to...
Nov 17 (61 days ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
unable to create filter: visioforge resize, video capture .net
1. I'm trying to capture video file from webcam device. Resolution described in Webcam input format is 1280x720. When I try to capture video with the same resolution with the input format, but it fail...
Nov 08 (2 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Check devices connected memory issue
hello, first time posting I am having a problem, i have instantiate a VideoCapture to capture image and i need to detected when the camera is disconnected I created a timer that checks all the secon...
Sep 12 (4 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Media Player
Hi We are a company that develops programs that display media on electronic boards. This company wants to purchase MediaPlayer. There is something I want to check before buying. First, there seems ...
Sep 03 (4 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
supported TV cards Delphi
Video Capture SDK for Delphi. What TV Cards Does it Support and Which Chipsets? I used TV tuner Evolveo and it is not visible in demo application. Can you please give me a TV tuner (USB / PCIe) that...
Jun 08 (7 months ago)
by zezmen
Video Capture SDK ActiveX - Separate Capture feature
Is it possible to add this feature in the ActiveX SDK? I can not find it there. Thanks in advance. Hi Will be added in the future. Not available right now.
May 07 (8 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Best method to switch between 2 network camera sources
I am trying to create a video switcher to switch between two network cameras. I have a windows form with 3 video capture controls on it Cam1 Cam2 and Output, the code is set to load up the urls of the...
Apr 19 (9 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Video delay when using effect overlay
I would like to overlay text on a live SDI video input and then output the processed video to SDI with minimal amount of delay. I am using a Blackmagic Decklink card and the VB.NET SDK. This works fai...
Feb 15 (11 months ago)
by Joe
Unable to load DLL 'VisioForge_MFP64.dll':
When I run the VisoForge samples from github, I got this error System.DllNotFoundException: 'Unable to load DLL 'VisioForge_MFP64.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT...
Mar 17 (10 months ago)
by HaNT
I am looking for a developer to maintain a current visioforge solution and possibly build a new enhanced version. Hi Please contact us privately using support@visioforge.com .
Feb 26 (10 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
cannot play any video file
Hi, I am using video and audio player demo downloaded from https://visioforge-files.s3.amazonaws.com/trials/visioforge_media_player_delphi_trial_setup.exe trying demo exe to play the movie but cannot...
Feb 20 (10 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
visioforge_sdks_installer_dotnet_setup_net40_trial sdk not recording full video
Hi, I am using the above mentioned sdk to record the video from the avermedia capture card. when I set the duration for 10 second, the video is recorded for 10 seconds, but the video frames are stoppe...
Feb 19 (10 months ago)
by Vineeth Amalraj
Video Capture SDK .Net - Main Demo encoding problem
I find the SDK is simple to use with many useful functions that meet all my requirements. However, there is a problem in encoding that is the output audio signal is always not in sync with the output ...
Jan 23 (11 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Memory Leaks?
We have been experiencing random out of memory issues for some time in our .Net application. We used the Redgate ANTS memory profiler, and found Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation was occurring. Th...
Nov 20, 2018
by Roman Minyaylov
Video Capture SDK .Net - Main Demo frame rate problem
When I use MP4 v10 (H264/AAC, CPU or Intel QSV GPU) to encode a video and an audio source, there is no way to set the output video frame rate. I ve tried different setting but still cannot change the ...
Nov 18, 2018
by Roman Minyaylov
Black screen in new PC
Hi to all!!! I'm trying in a development PC Visioforge capture and all is ok. I can compile it and the video is showed in my form with the screen capture device. But when I copy that executable with a...
Oct 20, 2018
by Roman Minyaylov
Issue with VisioForge.Controls.VideoEdit.VideoEditSlave
Hi! I'm using Visual Studio to create a WPF app to make a video out of images I am using the example provided here: https://support.visioforge.com/224164-Video-from-images-in-console-application But ...
Sep 01, 2018
by Roman Minyaylov
How to play 1080p RTSP stream in WPF
Hi, I'm using the VisioForge MediaPlayer demo code for WPF (C#). I'm trying to play a network RTSP stream from an HD camera. The video starts playing and then freezes after two seconds. How can this ...
Aug 15, 2018
by Roman Minyaylov