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Video Capture SDK

To use SDK on PC without SDK installed you must deploy SDK components. Automat... more
Code sample - Hardware video adjustments
Many devices support video adjustments that you can use to improve the video qu... more
Code sample - Select video renderer
You can use 3 different filters to render video - Video Renderer, Video Mixing ... more
Code sample - Resize and crop
You can resize the image or crop it the way you like. These operations are perfo... more
Code sample - Network streaming using WMV format (external profile)
You can broadcast video via the network using the Windows Media Video format. A... more
How to select the decoders used for MPEG-2 during video capturing
Many modern TV Tuners have a Hardware MPEG Encoder. Different program often ins... more
Code sample - FM Radio and TV Tuning
Get list of available TV Tunersfor I := 0 to VideoCapture1.TVTuner_Devices_GetC... more
Code sample - DV camcorder controlling
Start video preview or capture to any format.Use following commands to control ... more
Code sample - Video capture to MPEG-2 using TV Tuner with Internal MPEG encoder
Get list of available MPEG-2 Hardware EncodersVideoCapture1.Special_Filters_Fil... more
Code sample - Video capture to DV with and without recompression
Without recompressionSelect DV file type VideoCapture1.DV_Capture_Type2 := rbDVT... more
Code sample - Custom output formats
Currently, there are several options for connecting third-party DirectShow filt... more
Code sample - Video capture to Windows Media Video (external profile)
Select WMV profileVideoCapture1.WMV_Profile_Filename := edWMProfile.Text; VideoC... more
Code sample - Video capture to AVI
Get lists of audio and video codecsfor I := 0 to VideoCapture1.Video_Codecs_GetC... more
Code sample - Audio capture with or without compression
Get list of available audio codecsfor I := 0 to VideoCapture1.Audio_Codecs_GetCo... more
Code sample - Audio capture to MP3 (using LAME)
Set LAME settingsVideoCapture1.Audio_LAME_CBR_Bitrate := StrToInt(cbLameCBRBitra... more
Code sample - Screen capture
You can record both the entire screen and a certain area of it. Use the followi... more
Code sample - Select audio output
Get list of available audio output devicesfor I := 0 to VideoCapture1.Audio_Outp... more
Code sample - Select video input (configure crossbar)
Init crossbarCrossBarFound := VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_CrossBar_Init; ... more
Code sample - Select video and audio capture devices
Select video sourceGet list of available video capture devices for i := 0 to Vid... more
Installation - Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero C++ Builder 2006 and later
1. Create new package. 2. Click “Component → Import Component” menu item. ... more
Installation - Borland C++ Builder 5 / 6
1. Click “Component → Import ActiveX Controls” menu item. 2. Select “Visio... more
Installation - Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero Delphi 2005 and later
1. Run Delphi with administrative rights. Open “Options” window. 2. Add... more
Installation - Borland Delphi 6 / 7
1. Open “Options” window 2. Add source directory to the library and browser... more
Installation - Microsoft Visual Basic 6
1. Create new project 2. Open “Components” dialog 3. Select “VisioF... more
Installation - Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and later
1. Create new project (C++, C# or Visual Basic) 2. Open “Choose toolbox it... more