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Unable to view CHM files in Windows 10
CHM files downloaded from internet have restrictions. Try to right-click on you... more
Adding video file with multiple audio streams in Video Edit SDK / SDK.Net
Video Edit SDK / SDK support video file with one or more audio streams. But, wi... more
Video Edit SDK / SDK .Net have transitions implemented. The SMPTE Wipe transiti... more
MP4 H264 / AAC output for 2K / 4K resolution memory problem
Sometimes you can see0x8007000E error for a high resolutions, higher than 1920x1... more
Windows Server 2008 Class not registered issues
If you can see something like this error: Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServi... more
MP4 / MKV / MOV / TS / FLV / WebM / OGM playback problem
By default Windows do not have preinstalled codec for a lot of modern formats. ... more
Video Capture SDK / SDK .Net - Picture-In-Picture
Picture-In-Picture is a technology allowing video from two or more sources to b... more
Video Capture SDK / SDK .Net - DirectCapture technology
DirectCapture technology allows you to record video from DV/HDV camcorders, TV T... more
Reverse video file playback
1. InstallAVISynth (http://avisynth.org/mediawiki/Main_Page) 2. Create .avs file... more
VC++ 2010 redist downloads
x86 version x64 version more
OSD (On-Screen Display)
OSD is used to display all kinds of information on the screen that is not saved... more
Video Checker tool
Video Checker tool allows to enumerate Video/Audio devices, codecs and DirectSho... more
System requirements for VisioForge SDK's
* Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows S... more
RTSP IP cameras URL formats
Excel list (https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.visioforge.com/rtsplist.xlsx) more
Online help
Video Capture SDK .Net, Video Edit SDK .Net, Media Player SDK .Net API referen... more
MP4 (H264 / AAC) output using Monogram filters
How to: - Video Capture SDK / SDK .Net (TRIAL or Premium) or Video Edit SDK... more
Media Player SDK / SDK .Net memory playback for WMV files
WMV format do not have splitter filter in DirectShow, because Microsoft prefer o... more
How to send debug info?
In Demo applications: - Open demo application. - Find and select Debug ch... more
How to register purchased SDK?
* Uninstall TRIAL version if installed * Remove .DCU/.BPL for Delphi and .DLL ... more
How to enable graphics/video acceleration on Windows Server 2003?
Windows Server 2003 Graphics Acceleration is disabled by default, which disables... more
Enable audio encoding in Windows Server 2008
Solution ishere (http://blog.waynehartman.com/articles/189.aspx). more
Codecs and debugging
Some codecs are protected against debugging, and this can cause problems with th... more
Changes in purchase policy starting 6.x
5.x and previous versions - major updates for an additional payment, minor updat... more
Audio effects - copy one channel to both channels
Sample code to copy left channel (0) to both (0, 1). Delphi / ActiveX MediaPl... more
Multiple audio streams playback in MPG files
- Install Haali Media Splitter (http://haali.su/mkv/) , enable MPEG-TS and MPEG-... more
Audio effects - mute one of channels
Mute right channel MediaPlayer1.Audio_Effects_Enabled = true;MediaPlayer1.Audio... more
Sample grabber not found error on Windows Server 2008 or later
Some Windows Server installations do not include qedit.dll file that contains Di... more
CUDA encoder usage with latest nVidia drivers
NVIDIA doesn't support the CUDA H.264 encoder from the GeForce 340 driver.To use... more