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Unable to view CHM files in Windows 10
CHM files downloaded from internet have restrictions. Try to right-click on you... more
Adding video file with multiple audio streams in Video Edit SDK / SDK.Net
Video Edit SDK / SDK support video file with one or more audio streams. But, wi... more
Video Edit SDK / SDK .Net have transitions implemented. The SMPTE Wipe transiti... more
MP4 H264 / AAC output for 2K / 4K resolution memory problem
Sometimes you can see0x8007000E error for a high resolutions, higher than 1920x1... more
Windows Server 2008 Class not registered issues
If you can see something like this error: Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServi... more
MP4 / MKV / MOV / TS / FLV / WebM / OGM playback problem
By default Windows do not have preinstalled codec for a lot of modern formats. ... more
Video Capture SDK / SDK .Net - Picture-In-Picture
Picture-In-Picture is a technology allowing video from two or more sources to b... more
Video Capture SDK / SDK .Net - DirectCapture technology
DirectCapture technology allows you to record video from DV/HDV camcorders, TV T... more
Reverse video file playback
1. InstallAVISynth (http://avisynth.org/mediawiki/Main_Page) 2. Create .avs file... more
VC++ 2010 redist downloads
x86 version x64 version more
OSD (On-Screen Display)
OSD is used to display all kinds of information on the screen that is not saved... more
System requirements for VisioForge SDK's
* Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows S... more
RTSP IP cameras URL formats
Excel list (https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.visioforge.com/rtsplist.xlsx) more
Online help
Video Capture SDK .Net, Video Edit SDK .Net, Media Player SDK .Net API referen... more
Media Player SDK / SDK .Net memory playback for WMV files
WMV format do not have splitter filter in DirectShow, because Microsoft prefer o... more
How to send debug info?
Please check https://www.visioforge.com/how-to-send-logs more
How to register purchased SDK?
Article moved to https://www.visioforge.com/how-to-register-purchased-product more
How to enable graphics/video acceleration on Windows Server 2003?
Windows Server 2003 Graphics Acceleration is disabled by default, which disables... more
Enable audio encoding in Windows Server 2008
Solution ishere (http://blog.waynehartman.com/articles/189.aspx). more
Codecs and debugging
Some codecs are protected against debugging, and this can cause problems with th... more
Changes in purchase policy starting 6.x
5.x and previous versions - major updates for an additional payment, minor updat... more
Audio effects - copy one channel to both channels
Sample code to copy left channel (0) to both (0, 1). Delphi / ActiveX MediaPl... more
Multiple audio streams playback in MPG files
- Install Haali Media Splitter (http://haali.su/mkv/) , enable MPEG-TS and MPEG-... more
Audio effects - mute one of channels
Mute right channel MediaPlayer1.Audio_Effects_Enabled = true;MediaPlayer1.Audio... more
Sample grabber not found error on Windows Server 2008 or later
Some Windows Server installations do not include qedit.dll file that contains Di... more