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Unable to deploy exe to 32-bit windows 7 client

Dec 22, 2019
Frank O wrote
I have developed a sample program with Any CPU using the Video Capture .Net SDK. The programe can run normally in development envinment.

I have follow the instruction of https://www.visioforge.com/vcsdknet-deployment to my Client PC:

1) i have installed x86 exe from this section "Automatic (silent) installers (admin rights required)". but this
"Install .Net assemblies to GAC or use in local folder", I am no so sure. I try to copy System.dll, System.Data.dll, System.Deployment.dll, System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms.dll, System.Xml.dll, VisioForge.Controls.dll, VisioForge.Controls.Ul,dll, VisioForge.Controls.UI.Dialogs.dll, VisioForge.Tools.dll and VisioForge.Types.dll to the folder.

2) i had installed "VC++ 2010 SP1 redist x86" , Copyed MFP DLL's from Redist\Filters to app folder
and Copyed .Net assemblies to app folder.

But not sure about "Copy and COM-register (using regsvr32.exe or any other way) SDK DirectShow filters. Most of filters also have x64 version" and "Add folder with filters to system environment variable PATH if your application exe file in another folder" .
Can you show me the detail step?

Attached my app folder with the exe in client envirnment.

1 Answer
Dec 23, 2019
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote

1. System.dll and other .Net Framework files are not part of SDK and not require to be copied. Only DLL's started from VisioForge. You need to have .Net Framework installed that contains files like Syste.dll.
2. Correct.

COM registration - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/249873/how-to-use-the-regsvr32-tool-and-troubleshoot-regsvr32-error-messages

You need to call regsv32.exe "filename" for an each .ax file, with admin rights.

You can modify PATH variable in your setup maker.

Or using GUI - https://docs.telerik.com/teststudio/features/test-runners/add-path-environment-variables

PATH it's most common variable, if you call some EXE or call some function from DLL in your EXE WIndows trying to find required file in folders listed in PATH.

If silent installers installed you do not need to do anything in Manual installation part.

Please implement OnError event in your code for Video Capture SDK .Net control to see what's going wrong.