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unable to create filter: visioforge resize, video capture .net

Oct 27, 2016
자이닉스 wrote
I'm trying to capture video file from webcam device.
Resolution described in Webcam input format is 1280x720.

When I try to capture video with the same resolution with the input format,
but it fails when I set it to another resolution - mine was 960x540, having
"Unable to create filter: VisioForge Resize"

Is there any workaround for this circumstances?

Is there any way to capture MP4 with mono-channel audio?
I'v found it from any other output formats but MP4.

7 Answers
Oct 28, 2016
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote

1. SDK installed or app copied to another PC?
2. Modern or legacy encoder used?
Oct 29, 2016
자이닉스 wrote
1. SDK Installed.
2. Modern and legacy All failed
Oct 31, 2016
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote
Please contact us by email or using contact form.
Nov 08, 2019
Tay Marthin wrote

I have the same problem, any clues?? SDK installed, and returns L"Unable to create filter: RTSP FFMPEG Source" on the OnError function after a Start() call. After that comes another error L"Unable to add IP capture source filter." I am using an RTSP source that works fine directly on VLC Player. Thanks!

videoCapture->IP_Camera_URL = "rtsp://IPAddress:Port/streamUrl";
videoCapture->IP_Camera_Login = "usuario";
videoCapture->IP_Camera_Password = "pwd";
videoCapture->IP_Camera_Type = TxVFIPSource::IP_RTSP_TCP;

videoCapture->Audio_RecordAudio = false;
videoCapture->Audio_PlayAudio = false;
videoCapture->Video_Renderer = 0;
videoCapture->Mode = TxVFMode::Mode_IP_Preview;

Nov 08, 2019
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote
Please use LAV engine in your code. If problem still present install latest SDK version.
Mar 31 (2 months ago)
Asantamaria wrote
Help. No encuentra el Redis Folder: Add in path .net,ffmpeg,vlc64 and filter.

Unable to add Video Effects filter. Usually that means that SDK is not deployed correctly. Please check Help file, Deployment aticle.
Apr 01 (2 months ago)
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote
Please show me your project output folder with exe and other files.

Also please share your project and packages file.