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Windows Media Player issue with MPEG-4 movies

May 25, 2018
johntimber wrote

Some of the movies I've been creating play OK in Windows Media Player but when you try and skip to a later part of the movie by holding and moving the toggle bar there is a 'Windows Media Player has a problem playing the movie' error. Others I've done don't have this problem. Is there something I've done wrong? All the videos are the correct length and file size. Is there a problem with the files and would it affect how they play on Vimeo? Do I need to do them again? What can I do differently?

Please help.

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1 Answer
May 25, 2018
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote
Hi John

Please send logs for app that create files - https://www.visioforge.com/support/041973-How-to-send-debug-info