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Issue with VisioForge.Controls.VideoEdit.VideoEditSlave

Aug 31, 2018
Monica wrote
I'm using Visual Studio to create a WPF app to make a video out of images I am using the example provided here:

But for some reason there is an error saying that "The type or namespace VideoEditSlave does not exist in the namespace VisioForge.Controls.VideoEdit"

I downloaded VisioForge directly form the Nuget Package manager in Visual Studio.
I currently have VisioForge.Net.Core.TRIAL (version 10.4.51) installed
I also attached a picture of the references I currently have

Could it be that I am missing something or that it is not available in the trial version.

Thank you in advance for your help!
1 Answer
Sep 01, 2018
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote