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NVENC H.264 encoder not working

May 26 (31 days ago)
Miguel Almeida wrote
I'm using the SDK on a W10 development laptop with an RTX2070 and NVENC H.264 works perfectly.
Deploying the software to a Dell laptop Workstation with W10Pro and NVidia Quadro M2000M whenever I try to use the NVENC encoding no file is written.

My license only allows me to use up to version 15.1.20

video_capture_log.txt shows the error:
2022-05-24 22:34:05.387 +01:00 [Debug] CreateEncoder
2022-05-24 22:34:05.387 +01:00 [Debug] [1]
2022-05-24 22:34:05.387 +01:00 [Debug] [1]
2022-05-24 22:34:05.577 +01:00 [Error] NVENC H.264 encoder Unable to activate encoder.
2022-05-24 22:34:05.614 +01:00 [Debug] Added NVENC H264 encoder.
2022-05-24 22:34:05.732 +01:00 [Error] Unable to start muxer. Exiting.

sysinfo.txt shows the Quadro M2000M GPU.

The HWEncodersOutputSettingsDialog Dialog shows the "NVidia NVENC (H264/AAC)" option.
I understand it only does so if appropriate hardware is present.
Using OBS I managed to test NVENC and it is working.

I'm probably missing some file I need to deploy but can't figure out which one.

Zip with debug log files attached.
7 Answers
May 27 (30 days ago)
Roman Miniailov agent wrote

Because your subscription is over, I'm unable to help you with your version.

As I see, NVENC should work, but only 2 sessions allowed, so, if OBS or other software uses 2 sessions, our SDK will cannot create extra sessions.

You can check the latest SDK version.

I think we can buy a non-mobile version of GPU if will not work correctly.
May 27 (30 days ago)
Miguel Almeida wrote
Thanks for the reply.

I used OBS only for a quick check. 1 session. Closed it before trying with the SDK again.

I upgraded to 15.3.27 got the warning my subscription didn't allow the use of that version so I tried it in demo mode with the "UNREGISTERED VERSION" overlay in the top left corner. Recording using "Microsoft (H264/AAC) works fine but "NVidia NVENC (H264/AAC)" produces the same problem.

I'll try a non-mobile version of the GPU when I can but according to NVidia's "Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix" the Quadro M2000M has Unrestricted Max # of Concurrent Sessions for NVENC encoding. It should work I think.
I've tried it on 2 fresh W10 installations, one laptop has the Quadro M2000M GPU and the 2nd a RTX2070. But yeah both are mobile GPUs. Will get back when I've tried with something non-mobile.
May 27 (30 days ago)
Roman Miniailov agent wrote
So, RTX2070 has the same issue?
May 27 (30 days ago)
Miguel Almeida wrote
Yes indeed.
May 27 (30 days ago)
Roman Miniailov agent wrote
Hm, let me try here. I have RTX 2060 SUPER but I think it's close enough.

Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers installed (from Nvidia website, not from Windows Update)?
May 27 (30 days ago)
Miguel Almeida wrote
On the Quadro M2000M laptop I'm sure I have. Not here with me right now.
On the RTX2070 laptop I just upgraded from March/2022 version 512.15 to 512.95. Same issue.

Here is the oddity I just noticed:
On my development laptop also with a RTX2070, NVENC works perfectly but on version 14.0.45 of the SDK.
On the upgraded versions of the solution (both 15.1.20 and 15.3.27) NVENC doesn't work.

Later today I'll try version 14.0.45 on the production laptops.
Jun 15 (11 days ago)
Roman Miniailov agent wrote
We're still unable to reproduce an issue. All worked correctly on our side with the latest Nvidia drivers and RTX 2060 Super card.