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MediaBlocks Motion Detection

Apr 03 (45 days ago)
Ken wrote
The MediaBlocks features page says that MotionBlocks supports motion detection. However, the online help for MediaBlocks does not have a topic regarding this. I do see it for the Video Capture SDK, but not MediaBlocks.

Is motion supported? If so, how do I get started?

I don't know if I'm missing something, if the online help is missing something, or if the features page is incorrect.
1 Answer
Apr 04 (45 days ago)
Roman Miniailov agent wrote

Yes, our document is not full sometimes. I'm sorry.

You can use the CVMotionCellsBlock, like:

private CVMotionCellsBlock _motionCells;


_motionCells = new CVMotionCellsBlock(new CVMotionCellsSettings());
_motionCells.MotionDetected += _motionCells_MotionDetected;

_pipeline.Connect(_videoSource.Output, _motionCells.Input);
_pipeline.Connect(_motionCells.Output, _videoRenderer.Input);

VisioForge.CrossPlatform.OpenCV.Windows.x64 NuGet package is required. SDK can use OpenCV.