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Black screen in new PC

Oct 19, 2018
jose wrote
Hi to all!!!
I'm trying in a development PC Visioforge capture and all is ok. I can compile it and the video is showed in my form with the screen capture device. But when I copy that executable with all DLL's in a new formated PC with the same OS (Windows 10 x64), the screen is black and no video signal. I have installed all the automatic dependencies (https://support.visioforge.com/132619-Deployment) but no luck. In the development PC, the executable runs fine. How can I solve it? Thanks
4 Answers
Oct 19, 2018
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote

Please implement OnError event of Video Capture class in your software to see what's wrong.
Oct 19, 2018
jose wrote
"Unable to create Output file" is the error. I dont want output video file, I only want display camera contents and get its bitmap with VideoCapture1.Frame_GetCurrent in a timer. In development PC works, in a fresh PC W10 gives me that error.

This is my code:

VideoCapture1.Video_Sample_Grabber_Enabled = True
VideoCapture1.Debug_Mode = False
VideoCapture1.Audio_RecordAudio = False
VideoCapture1.Audio_PlayAudio = False
VideoCapture1.Video_Renderer.Video_Renderer = VFVideoRenderer.EVR
VideoCapture1.IP_Camera_Source = New IPCameraSourceSettings()
VideoCapture1.IP_Camera_Source.Type = VFIPSource.Auto_LAV
VideoCapture1.IP_Camera_Source.AudioCapture = False
VideoCapture1.IP_Camera_Source.URL = ""
VideoCapture1.IP_Camera_Source.Login = "root"
VideoCapture1.IP_Camera_Source.Password = "XXXXXXXXXX"
VideoCapture1.Mode = VFVideoCaptureMode.IPCapture
Oct 20, 2018
jose wrote
Ok, solved (putting a outputfile name in the control) but I got a strange behaviour.
If a set capturemode to IPpreview the video has 2-3 seconds of delay.
If a set capturemode to IPCapture with outputfile to any name but without output format (like me above code) then it does'nt create a output video file but video is in REALTIME in the screen.. ?????????? What am I doing wrong????
Oct 20, 2018
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote