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Media Player SDK .Net Deployment

Jan 28 (21 days ago)
David wrote
I am evaluating a trial version of your medial player SDK. I was impressed by how easy it was to get videos to play in my WinForms application. I used the Visual Studio Publish to CD option to install my app on another Windows 10 PC. The app installed (copying several VisioForge DLLs). When I ran the app, I got no errors, no 'nag dialog' and no video.

1. Is this a function of the Trial version?
2. If not, are there additional steps that need to be taken when creating an installer for my apps that use your components?

3 Answers
Jan 29 (21 days ago)
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote

SDK require deployment, not just assemblies copying. Please check Deployment article on product page.

OnError event implementing in your app can help to find an issues.
Jan 29 (21 days ago)
David wrote
I guess this is the article you mean


Are all of the required files easily available for me to package up and deploy? The links on the page don't seem to help. How have your other clients handled deploying WinForms apps?
Jan 29 (20 days ago)
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote
You can run exe redists from your setup file or add Merge Module files if your installer MSI-based. Also do can do all manually. 3 ways to deploy. Other clients use one of this ways.