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Memory Leaks?

Jul 15, 2016
Craig wrote
We have been experiencing random out of memory issues for some time in our .Net application. We used the Redgate ANTS memory profiler, and found Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation was occurring. The profiler was reporting that fragmentation was restricting the size of objects that can be allocated.

The objects were large byte arrays, and appear to be created from the visioforge libraries when video playback was stopped and resumed. We would be happy to provide more details, attached are some screenshots.
3 Answers
Jul 19, 2016
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote

I don't see any memory leaks on screenshot. SDK based on DirectShow and create a lot of unmanaged resources, maybe ANTS told about this.
Nov 18, 2018
JaGna wrote
I have the same problem now.
When I debuged MediaPlayer Main Demo and tried to play and stop the same movie alternately, memory leaks appeared. In the attachment I am sending a memory consumption drop, where you can see leaks each time the Play() method is called. What can I do to get rid of these spills? With frequent changes of movies, the application takes up a lot of memory after some time, so you can not do anything.
Nov 20, 2018
Roman Minyaylov agent wrote
Please send logs - https://support.visioforge.com/041973-How-to-send-debug-info

Also share source video file on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.